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Our Village, with its priviledged location in the Po Delta Regional Park, offer countless recreational opportunities for every kind of requirement, and our staff will be happy to recommend and advise you in choosing your routes.

Nested between Mare and Pineta, between Foci dell'Adige and Laguna del Delta del Po Veneto, Rosolina Mare will allow you to know its precious territory and discover the uniqueness of its diverse habitats, rich in wildlife environments and rare plant species. You can get into valleys, lagoons, dunes and wetlands, choosing between individual tours or excursions. Among the opportunities
  • Bird Watching
  • Trekking
  • Horseback riding
  • Tour on bicycle
  • Boat trips along the navigable branches of the Po

Noteworthy for the unique natural environment and also for its scientific interest, the Coastal Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri, where an equipped path has been made between brackish environments and where, by means of walkways, you can cross the flooded canals rich in underwater flora and benthic fauna.

A short distance from numerous places of historical and cultural interest, Rosolina Mare satisfies even the most exacting demands of those who choose Cultural Tourism.
You can appreciate the history and art of the neighbouring local destinations:
  • Ca’ Vendramin (ex water scooping plant, now Museo Regionale della Bonifica)
  • Ariano Polesine (Tourist and Cultural Centre of San Basilio)
  • Adria (National Archeologic Museum)
  • Rovigo (Art Gallery - Palazzo Roverella - Church of the Round - the Great Rivers Museum)
  • Fratta Polesine (Museo Civico Archeologico)

but also, within easy reach, Chioggia, Venice, Verona, Treviso, Padua, and all the locations of the famous and charming Riviera del Brenta.

For a carefree day, including curiosities, opportunities and fun for the little ones, you can rediscover the taste of shopping, choosing from the various opportunities, just a few kilometres from Rosolina Mare:
  • Old Town of Rovigo
  • Shopping Centre ‘La Fattoria’ in Rovigo (shops and events even for the little ones)
  • Shopping Centre ‘Il Porto’ in Adria
  • Weekly market in Chioggia
  • Clodì Commercial Park in Chioggia
  • La Nave de Vero in Mestre
Amusement parks:

... And for a special getaway dedicated to your children, you can easily reach the most famous amusement parks for the little ones that are also enjoyed by adults...
  • GARDALAND – Castelnuovo del Garda
  • MIRABILANDIA – Savio di Ravenna
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