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Safety guide-lines

Dear Guests,
We are waiting for you from 19 May to 12 September 2021. 

For your next summer holidays choose Rosapineta Camping Village! The wide spaces, the contact with nature and the open air, will allow you to spend a pleasant and safe holiday without giving up sun, relaxation and fun... Just a few simple tricks! 


Discover the measures implemented by Rosapineta Camping Village


It is strongly suggested to book your stay in advance to shorten the waiting time and so that you can start your first day of holiday as smoothly as possible.  

ONLINE CHECK-IN * (only valid for direct bookings in Rosapineta)

To comply with the assembly ban, check-in is done prior to arrival. 
In order to realize this, the guests arriving must: 

Before arrival 
  • Register on the online check-in on the homepage with personal details of all family members; 
  • Make the final payment by bank transfer or credit card at least 48 hours before arrival. 

* Online check-in only considers guests who have booked directly in Rosapineta. For all travel agency bookings, the physical check-in still applies. 

CHECK-IN (also for travel agency bookings)

On arrival
  • Access to the reception is only allowed for one person (applicant), observing the distance rule, wearing a mask and following the given pathways; 
  • The applicant is asked to present the booking confirmation also in digital format (smartphone or tablet), identity cards / passports of all fellow travellers and the license plate;
  • Dispensers with disinfectant gel are available at the entrance (please use them); The applicant guest is asked to wear a mask during the entire stay in the reception and to bring his own pen for any necessary completion of the registration and for the signature

Please note: It is not mandatory to measure the body temperature; however, it is the management right to do so and prevent the access to whoever results over 37,5°C.  


Shared toilettes and showers will be sanitized before the opening date as well as during the season. They will be daily sanitized more than once a day, as requested by the current government regulations.  At the entrance, sanitizing gel will be provided.


Housing units will be sanitized before the opening date and, during the season at every Guest changeover. To do so the use of specific and certified products is guaranteed as well as an adequate airing.


Mask is mandatory when:
  • 1 MT distance cannot be guaranteed;
  • Non open-air locations;
A great number of sanitizing gel will be available and accessible throughout the camping site.  


Inside shops and supermarket, the use of mask is mandatory.  


Bars and restaurants have a wide open-air area to provide numerous tables outside. Sanitizing products will be available for guests and employees.  Tables and chairs will be separated in such a way that 1 MT distance will be guaranteed. Shorter distances will be allowed only to people belonging to the same family/housing or pitch unit.  


The access to the pools is subject to a pool capacity limit that is required by law or by the Management.  Entrances and exits will be differentiated to guarantee that transits totally comply with the social distancing norms.  
Sunbeds and parasols will be placed at an adequate distance and such placement must remain unvaried during the whole visit time. Sunbeds gatherings will be permitted to family members/ housing or pitch unit.  Sanitizing gel is provided at the entrance and every item at the pool will be cleaned at sanitized at any opening shift.  
Before entering in the water shower is mandatory. Respect 1 MT distance as you wait in line to shower.  
With regards to the children, the respect of the social distancing and hygienic norms will be a full responsibility of the parents/accompanying person. Therefore, children must be supervised at all times.  
To guarantee guests safety and relax, the new water treatment installation will ensure the respect of the  legal parameters with the real time monitoring of the free active chlorine as well as the combined chlorine.  


At the several beach accesses hand-sanitizing products will be available as well as information on the policy to be respected.  Security staff will check on different areas of the beach to verify that everyone complies with the norms.  The distance between parasols must guarantee a surface of at least 12 sqm for family group.  
Generally speaking, beach users must observe the personal distancing of at least 1 MT; shorter distances are allowed only to family members.  Sunbeds that aren’t underneath the same parasol must be placed at least at 1.5 MT distance.  
The access to the equipped area is allowed only upon booking at the Front Office. The equipment will be sanitized at the beginning of every day.  
The access to the free beach area is only permitted until the allowed density is reached. Such density is calculated based on the beach surface. Beach users will be allowed to place their own parasol, choosing among the available areas that will be signalled through pickets.  
Due to the beach erosion phenomenon and considering the need to respect social distancing norms of at least 3.2 MT between parasols, it might be necessary to limit the beach entrance, especially on the dogbeach.  
Game/sport group activities that might result in gatherings are forbidden.  Individual sport activities are allowed if complying with the social distancing of 1 MT.  The showers at the beach are available but must be used respecting the distancing and avoiding gatherings.  


Accessing to the gym is possible only upon reservation at the Front Office.  During the physical activities it is mandatory to maintain the social distancing of 1 MT (2 MT in case of intense training).  It is strongly forbidden to share water bottles, glasses, bottles or share ant other item such as towels, bath rope, etc.  To access the gym it is mandatory to use specific shoes that are meant only for gym use.  Clothes and personal objects must be placed inside the personal bag and never left unattended.  Paper and sanitizing gel will be available for users to sanitize the equipment before any utilization.  


Individual sports will be guaranteed (Tennis, bocce, mini golf, etc.) that can be practiced outside and in a completely safe manner. 


To comply with the current government protocols, only activities that do not cause risks of gatherings will be allowed. Every activity that involves personal contact will be forbidden.  
*This document might be modified or integrated in case of any future disposition.
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